About us

If you are considering buying a wood burning or multi fuel stove, Cambridge Stoves will be able to assist you in making the right choice of stove for your personal requirements.  There are many decisions to make, such as the type of stove, location, freestanding or fixed and of course your budget. In addition, Cambridge stoves complete service will also advise you on all legal issues regarding building regulations and planning permission requirements

Cambridge stoves also offer a ‘fitting only’ service if you wish to choose and purchase your own stove direct from a supplier.  All fittings are completed by our Hetas engineers and therefore comply with all the required regulations.

Cambridge Stoves is a local company based in Cambridge. For a fast, reliable and efficient service by qualified Hetas engineers, please call Cambridge Stoves on 01223 269643 your ‘ one stop shop’ for all woodburning, multiflue stoves supply and fitting/fitting only

 Who we work with

Period Oak Beams

Period Oak Beams are a supplier/manufacturer of solid oak beams and boards for fireplaces, shelving or even structurally. All our oak is air/kiln dried.