Building a fake chimney breast for wood burning stove

There are a number of ways a stove can be installed into a house that does not have an existing chimney, this blog post is a case study of a recent installation that involved building a fake chimney breast.

In some cases you can install a twin wall flue system that runs up the outside of the house or you can even build a fake chimney breast to hide a twin wall flue system.

The images below show the 3 stage process to build up the chimney, the stages being
1. prepare the metal stud work
2. plasterboard with special heat resistant board and insulate
3. skim – ready for decoration

As you can see from the pictures at the end of the process it looks as though the chimney breast has been there all along.

This technique can also be used to install inset / cassette stoves if there is not any room behind the wall or an no existing chimney exists.

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