Open Fires

Aswell as all types of stove installations Cambridge Stoves will undertake the design and installation of open fires including the open fire back, throat forming lintel, fire surround and superimposed hearth. When assessing your needs we will consider the following things:
– The constructional hearth
– The back hearth
– The superimposed hearth
– The fireplace recess
– The throat forming lintel
– The air supply
– The chimney
All these design considerations will be carefully talked through with the customer to determine the ultimate design.
Despite an open fire being a lower efficiency heating source to a stove many households aspire to the traditional feel of an open fire and Cambridge Stoves will happily design and install to meet the individual needs of each customer.
Another consideration for people installing new open fires is that the current building regulations currently require an efficiency no less than 37%, if this figure where to increase ( which is highly probable) an open fire would not meet the new requirement as it has an efficiency of 37%, and therefore other alternatives would need to be considered.
When installing your open fire or any solid fuel appliance it is important to use a certified hetas installer such as Cambridge Stoves as all works undertaken will need to comply with regulations and have legal documentation issued on completion.