Chimney Lining

The main challenge in installing a wood burning stove is making sure the flue is correctly installed and that the smoke from the stove can escape safely.

An existing chimney may have only its masonry duct forming the flue way, which is completely unsuitable for a stove for many reasons.

  • masonry will have absorbed moisture from the atmosphere which would absorb heat from the flue gasses that would condense and deposit even more moisture into the masonry.
  • the walls represent a large surface area which absorbs the heat from the flue gasses causing turbulence to the flow of gasses in an uncontrollable manner.

So to make the most of the fuel that you will be burning in your new stove and more importantly to protect your property  the installation  of a chimney liner is essential. It will also make the cleaning of your chimney (now a smooth bore chimney liner) quicker and less expensive.

So when we are asked ‘Is a liner necessary?’ we always explain the reason why we strongly recommend one and why we fit them to 99.9% of our installations.

Our expert installation survey, carried out by registered HETAS installers, makes sure only the best advice is given and will prevent any future problems.