Victorian cast iron radiators

Cambridge stoves have a wide selection of Victorian style cast iron radiators on display. All our radiators can come in multiple finishes, multiple sizes and can be configured to your exact requirements. Please come to our showroom to discuss the wide range of options available

2 Hand polished victorian cast iron radiators

These victorian cast iron radiators were first produced in America in the 1880’s and were later manufactured in Britain under the brand name “Ideal”. The Sloane cast iron radiator design is widely known, due to its finely etched detail, as the curly eared princess.

The one column cast iron curly eared princess radiator with a wonderfully fine etched detail along is edge crowning to its top with a curled detail. Beautifully elegant,the Sloane cast iron radiator was installed in both public and privately owned buildings during the late Victorian era. The simple handsome design of the Sloane cast iron radiator provides a contemporary look for the more modern setting as well as an authentic look for the period home. The Sloane cast iron radiator is available in 2 height choices, 450mm and 750mm.

Victorian cast iron radiator

These traditional Victorian cast iron radiator are known as the Victorian column radiator, it has been carefully recreated for authenticity. This style of Victorian radiator was first produced in America in the 1880’s, it was later manufactured in Britain under the famous ‘Ideal’ brand and became a very popular late Victorian cast iron radiator.

Its simple elegant style and wide range of sizes and heights means it suits both modern and period homes and can fit into many small and low spaces.The simple column design of the Victoriana cast iron radiator provides efficient heat with a contemporary feel for the more modern setting as well as an authentic look for the period home. A true classic.

Range of cast iorn radiators

This stunning cast iron radiator with an unusual shape and ornate design. Distinctive and beautiful, the perfect choice for the traditional setting. An elegant and unusual cast iron radiator faithfully recreated from the original with superb ornate detail, originating from a building in London used as a ballet school in the Victorian era.

The sections of the Shaftsbury cast iron radiator are unusually curvaceous in shape, adding character and distinction to the overall look. Antiqued, highlighted or polished, all these finishes will enhance this radiator’s ornate shape to the full. The perfect choice for an elegant yet ornate look that is only 118mm in depth. A 4 sectioned Shaftsbury radiator gives a heat output of 2,260 BTU with a maximum BTU at 30 sections of 16,950 at 50 degrees.

Cast iron radiator

This cast iron radiator is suitable for low bay windows and conservatories as well as loft conversions and for all rooms with low roof elevations. Our Churchill cast iron radiator lends itself for both contemporary and traditional settings and many of our clients have utilised this radiator with the idea of building a bench over it for extra seating in hallways, utility rooms and bay windows. For such a low standing radiator at 350mm high the heat efficiency of the Churchill cast iron radiator is excellent.

Our Churchill radiator is perfect for the electric cast iron radiator as in lofts and conservatories there may well not be wet plumbing so therefore the Churchill radiator can stand alone with an electric element to heat the room. A traditional Victorian cast iron radiator carefully recreated to be an exact copy of the original, a timeless classic.