Wood burners, victorian fireplaces and stove sizes

Victorian fireplaces

Being based in Cambridge we at Cambridge Stoves have a large number of customers with small Victorian fireplaces, and rather than carry out building works to widen the fireplace another option is to install a small wood burner into the existing opening. Although not always possible a simple free no obligation site visit will confirm or rule out this option. One of our more popular smaller stoves is the hobbit stove by salamander stoves this is an ideal stove for the Victorian fireplace being only 302mm wide and 272mm deep but still giving an impressive 4kw of heat output and is also smokeless zone approved.

Stove size

Whilst many Cambridgeshire properties have Victorian fireplaces many do not or some people choose to create a fireplace recess suited to their stove, but whether large or small the question of ‘what size wood burner should I have for the size of my room?’ is always asked. A simple calculation to determine the size of wood burner for your room is to :

Measure the width, length and height then multiply the three measurements together then divide this by 15

It is also worth considering the age of your house and how well insulated you are. Another consideration when choosing the size of your stove is ‘do I need ventilation?’, if you need a stove over 5kw in output then it will be necessary to have a permanently open air vent in the same room and the bigger the stove the more ventilation you need, this additional ventilation is needed to make sure the fire has enough oxygen to burn safely and also to assist with flue draught.

When you have decided on your stove size and you are ready for the winter ahead you may ask yourself ‘how much wood will I need?’ from our experience an average stove heating an average room through the year will consume roughly 15 cubic metres of wood, we at Cambridge Stoves use a local sustainable wood source supplied by Newmans Farm Firewood.